• Review by District SixtyFive

    The quality of the Castleton Steel for its price is just incredible. It’s crafted with 316L stainless steel, which is known for its high resistance and durability, and sapphire crystal glass. Furthermore, in terms of functionality, it’s powered by a Japanese Automatic Movement with up to 40 hours of power reserve, and it’s also water resistant.
  • Review by Watch Boy SG

    The mix of brushed matte black and polished bezel edges adds a nice mix of dimension and feel to the piece finished in 316L stainless steel case. Opting to keeping the dial and bezel as is was a bold but clever move as it really enhances the details on the movement on display.
  • Free Express Shipping!

    It is with great joy that we can finally announce that we are now able to offer Free Express Shipping to 50+ major destinations around the world, for any order above US$150!  These include the USA, Canada, UK, many European as well as South East Asian countries. See the full list of destinations here.
  • Father's Day Message

    Parenting is no easy matter.

    According to a Pew Research Centre study, many parents, including working parents, say they feel stressed, tired, rushed and short on quality time with their children, friends, partners or hobbies. But as most parents know, you don’t really need a scientific study to tell you that.